Step-by-Step Guide | How to Buy Bitcoin Easily & Safely on BIB

  • ✅Step 1Register an BIB Account — First, open a free account on by entering your personal information as directed.
  • 💳 Step 2Deposit Funds — You can deposit USDT(Tether) onBIB from a minimum of just $10. Choose from your debit/credit card or an e-wallet to ensure your deposit is processed instantly.
  • 🔎Step 3Search for Bitcoin — In the Spot Trading search box, click on ‘Bitcoin’ .
  • 🛒Step 4Buy Bitcoin — Enter the total amount that you would like to invest in Bitcoin and click on ‘Buy’. Once you confirm your order, BIB will distribute your newly purchased Bitcoin tokens to your portfolio immediately.

Why is BIB the best place to buy bitcoin?



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BIB Exchange Official

BIB Exchange Official

BIB is a global crypto asset trading and custody service platform | | TG: @BIB_Global | TW: @BIB_exchange